The Revolution Continues

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Revel + NovuHealth, the revolution continues

Welcome to the Next Phase of Health Action

All for Better Health

Joining Revel + NovuHealth together means more humanity in healthcare, just when we need it most. Together we have an unparalleled ability to deliver personalized, multi-channel communications at scale across healthcare. All for better health.

Together, we make a new level of outcomes possible.

We are the proven leader in driving better health outcomes using behavioral research, multi-channel engagement strategies, and advanced analytics to bring humanity back to healthcare communication.

Revel + NovuHealth delivers a “whole population” solution. Together, we intelligently reach members that need healthcare interventions most, while at the same time driving low and moderate acuity members to action with personalized outreach at scale.

“Jeff and his team built Revel into a high-growth company that has been revolutionizing the healthcare action space. Now, combined with the deep industry and regulatory experience of NovuHealth, including market leading capabilities in combining both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, we have an unparalleled ability to deliver personalized, omnichannel communications at scale across healthcare. We consider this both a technological and process advantage for the merged company.”
Steve Wigginton
CEO, NovuHealth

Personalization is now more personal.

By joining forces, we improve member experiences at every touchpoint. We can develop personalized healthcare experiences that move people to better health with every action, while reducing member abrasion.

From health assessments to member experience programs targeting renewal and satisfaction, we replace fragmented multi-vendor engagement with seamless, personalized experiences that improve health and drive better outcomes.

“This is a rare opportunity to connect the complementary nature of the Revel and NovuHealth platforms to create personalization at scale for the most trusted healthcare organizations. The result is a platform designed to reach the full spectrum of members including the hardest to reach, noncompliant consumers who are the toughest to motivate to take healthy actions.
Jeff Fritz
CEO, Revel

We make your life easier.

With Revel + NovuHealth, business processes are simplified. We can help orchestrate and automate data integrations, compliance workflows, incentive management and more, reducing back office burden.

Plus, together we offer a broader and deeper toolkit for motivating member action by bringing customers complete, end-to-end solutions.

“NovuHealth was founded to engage and empower consumers to make choices that lead to healthier lives. This merger extends the platform and capabilities of both companies to positively impact the people we serve.”
Tom Wicka
Founder and Chairman, NovuHealth
“These are two mission-driven companies that have the requisite technologies, creativity, and business acumen to revolutionize the ever-expanding healthcare communications and engagement marketplace. Today’s announcement will come as welcome news to healthcare leaders facing increased regulatory and financial pressure to get their members to take healthy actions.”
Kevin Barrett
Chairman, Revel

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